Selling Land Can Be a Game Changer in Tough Times

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Reading Time: < 1 minuteWith an honest viewpoint heading into 2020, there is no sharp improvement or further downturn ahead. Many farmers deem ‘selling land’ as unthinkable.  K·Coe’s ag strategists advise keeping an open mind.  When handled correctly, it can be a viable (and secure) option for cash-strapped farm operations. “The cash you can generate from selling land could be a game changer. First, it will supply working capital to strengthen your operation. Second, it will better position you to capitalize on the opportunities that come during tough times,” says Peter Martin, principal and ag consultant at K·Coe Isom.

Peter advises keeping an open mind, and consider these attractive factors:

  • Land prices have held up fairly well, thanks to strong demand for good farmland.
  • Strong demand for farmland has attracted a number of buyers offering unique terms for good deals.
  • Nontraditional platforms have emerged allowing properties to be sold in small pieces and creating a new set of buyers who previously couldn’t afford to invest in farmland.
Explore these factors, and others, to strengthen your farm’s foundation and future in Peter’s recent Farm Journal column, “Sell Land: Time to Do the Unthinkable?” There are many strategies to retain an interest in the land, farm the land, and buy back the land in the future.  K·Coe’s ag and land conservation advisors can help with land and diversification strategies that can generate revenue streams and mitigate risk. 

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