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How the Holidays Can Shape Your Family Legacy

By Jeanne Bernick | November 22, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes
By Jeanne Bernick, Certified Family Business Advisor For many of you the stress of harvest season is over and now you enter a new season in family business: the holidays! As if working with family isn’t challenging enough, now there are mandatory meals and celebrations and traditions to recreate, not …

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The Risks of Letting Your Legacy Ride: How Estate Planning Protects the Family

By Pinion Editorial | November 18, 2022
Reading Time: 3 minutes
With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to look at the family gathered around the table and feel grateful for many things. While year-end is often a time for reflection and gratitude, it’s also typically a time to wind down and tie up loose strings.   “One of the most important …

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Considerations Before Accepting a Utility Easement Offer: How to Protect Your Land

By Pinion Editorial | November 16, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Land improvement easements can be a profitable income stream for farmers and ranchers. Across the U.S. we’re seeing an increase in opportunities for both surface and subsurface infrastructure and with additional tax credits and funding for energy efficient improvements from the Inflation Reduction Act, we will only see more of …

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