Business Planning and Facilitation.

Family Business Advising

Moving family business forward

While many circumstances are beyond your control, such as the weather or the markets, you can increase certainty by proactively developing succession, estate or strategic plans; by clarifying intentions and expectations; and by improving communication.

We help ownership groups and families achieve effective management today and plan for business transitions in the future. We provide structure to the planning process, bring examples and experience from similar situations, and shepherd you through difficult conversations. 

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We often help families or ownership groups discuss and create an action plan for these topics:

  • Current and potential future roles of business partners and/or family members
  • Management, ownership, or personnel transitions, such as retirement or next generation family members joining the business
  • Communication between owners, family members or staff
  • Estate planning or family wealth distribution
  • Building governance and decision-making processes, including advisory boards or formal boards of directors
  • Current family or business opportunities, policies or concerns
  • The role of family members not involved in the management of the business
  • Investment, growth or sale opportunities and decisions faced by the family business
  • Financial profitability, entity organization, financial planning and tax issues
  • Wholistic business strategic planning
  • Philanthropic goals of the family and/or business
  • Ongoing education, training and development for management, family and/or staff

Our team members have business experience themselves, so we understand the realities of your daily operations. We also recognize the specific challenges that sometimes arise with family members working together. We are trained facilitators equipped to navigate conflict, overcome inertia with practical action plans, and help you make forward progress toward your goals. Improvements in relationships, effectiveness, transitions and performance are a result of sustained interaction over time.

How do we work?

First, we will have a phone consultation to understand your goals for working with us and assess if we can be helpful. We typically propose a first phase project that engages all relevant members of your team. We will have individual conversations to hear each person’s perspective and then a series of workshops to start addressing your priority topics.

Our workshops utilize tools customized to your situation, which could include skills assessments, behavioral profiles, or financial reviews. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all template; rather we listen and adapt to find practical solutions for you. At the end of the first phase, we can propose more specifically the steps needed to sustain progress.

We often work in tandem with other Pinion team members or your professional advisors to execute accounting or legal solutions when those are relevant. We sometimes serve as the ‘quarterback’ of complex transactions to sustain progress, make sure all stakeholders have a voice in the process and truly understand the implications.

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