Evaluating Programs to Effectively Impact Your Bottom Line

Farm Program Services

From commodity operations, permanent and specialty crops, conservation programs, dairy and livestock operations, and cooperatives – we provide farmers and ranchers with guidance and advisory surrounding USDA appeals and the USDA’s policies and regulations, IRS audits, loan and payment programs, and farm bill governance.

Constant change with new farm bills, government regulations, and policies means farmers need to be on alert for shifts in their payments. Pinion's Farm Program Services experts can walk you through the latest policy and regulation changes, and make sure you are choosing programs that support your bottom line and avoid tax penalties.

The Benefits of Analyzing Your Farm Program Portfolio

Our job as business advisors is to look at your whole farm operation, and Farm Program Services are big part of the financial profitability of farming today.

The Pinion Farm Program Services team recently helped a commodity crop client offset damage from imposed retaliatory tariffs by guiding them through USDA’s one-time allowance to late file acreage certifications. It’s this attention to detail and shifts in government policy that make a difference in our clients’ lives and businesses.

Don’t let another year go by without talking to one of our advisors about assessing your farm program portfolio, and learning more about the ways Pinion can support your decision making.

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Farm Program Services

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