Targeted Farm-To-Market Business Solutions

Producing Business Solutions for Permanent and Specialty Crops

Pinion’s business professionals are dedicated to the success of the food and agriculture industry (many of whom are farmers or producers themselves) and bring a unique understanding of all the aspects associated with each specialty crop’s production, sale, and processing.

Specialized Strategies for Specialty Crop Businesses

For many decades, we have helped vegetable, fruit, nut, and forest plantation growers, producers, and manufacturers achieve financial prosperity. Today’s specialty crop marketplace is experiencing so many nontraditional elements that have become critical to an agribusiness’ survival. We can provide you with the specialists you need to ensure your success and protect and grow your legacy.

Tax & Compliance Strategy for Legalized Cannabis Business

Applying and adhering to state regulations for a cannabis business brings added complexity.  Pinion has a specialized team of cannabis advisors to oversee the accounting, financial, and consulting services that help owners, investors, and ancillary businesses overcome operational and regulatory challenges. As a ‘Top 70’ accounting firm in the U.S., Pinion advisors stay up-to-date on the state-governed medicinal and recreational use of cannabis and the areas in which they operate.  

Our experts can help your business at any stage – to expand, optimize, or transition – we will help to guide and implement the change you want to see.

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We bring a unique understanding of all the aspects associated with each permanent and specialty crop's production, sale, and processing. 

Trusted advisors for over 90 years.

Pinion is a proud partner and resource for the specialty farmers who feed the world.  Building legacies that live on.  We are Food & Ag.

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