Making the Most of Carbon Market Opportunities

Exploring Carbon Credits: Is this Opportunity Good for Your Farm?

Pinion’s food and agriculture sustainability experts protect what matters most to you: the value of your farm’s land and legacy. To explore whether the carbon market could provide money for your operation, our advisors evaluate the costs and benefits of carbon sequestration and selling carbon credits, while remaining in the best interest of the farm or ranch for the long run.

Before entering a carbon contract, it is critical to understand what you are signing on to. Pinion navigates the ‘wilds’ of the current carbon market by helping farmers to investigate carbon opportunities, assess viability, and navigate decisions related to carbon contracts.
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Getting Started: Know Your Carbon Score

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Pinion’s sustainability team has created a unique carbon scorecard that examines key data and quantifies the carbon footprint of a business to determine qualified candidates for carbon offsetting.

Through a comprehensive assessment of both land and economic factors, Pinion’s advisors look at the carbon potential of the farm to:

• Determine whether your land has sequestration potential
• Assess whether it’s worth switching farm practices
• Calculate what the per-acre return might be
• Ascertain the amount of time and data required
• Evaluate whether this is a worthwhile financial investment today, and in the long term

Once carbon offsetting is determined to be a viable and cost-effective strategy for you, Pinion sustainability advisors help to navigate carbon contracts, manage performance data, and ensure your operation adopts new practices and seizes carbon market opportunities only where they make sense.

Reach out to our sustainability experts to learn your carbon score.


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