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Building Legacies with Next Gen Strategy

Americans have access to nice tax benefits under the current tax provisions.  Those who prepare for multiple scenarios and outcomes are always better positioned to pivot and adjust for the greatest benefits. 

With the current estate tax provisions (set to expire in 2025), now is the perfect time to maximize assets, increase equity, minimize risks, and decrease the tax burden of your business. 

Pinion has an entire team who understands what matters most to you and then develops a long-term strategy that is reflective of your business and personal goals.



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Jim Rein

Principal, Lead Next Gen advisor

"The livelihood of your business is the result of both smart and
long-term decisions. It stands to reason then that the legacy
of your business is dependent upon the same."

“Creating an estate plan now - with the current provisions - could save your beneficiaries from a hefty tax bill.

Together, we will assure and enrich your legacy.

To successfully transition a business to the next generation, exit your business, or sell your business requires: dexterity when communicating with siblings or children, committed focus on grooming future leaders, impeccable timing in understanding when to make ownership and leadership changes, and financial expertise in minimizing tax exposure while maximizing operational investments.

Our Next Gen advisory team has specialists in the areas of family business advisory, estate tax, trusts, and gifting, transition navigation, succession planning, tax strategy, and leadership development.  These experts work with you and collaborate with one another to develop your next gen plan, navigate the transition, and protect the asset base you’ve worked so hard to build.

Specialized Advisors Proactively Guide You Through:

Next generation planning is less about the transition and more about anticipating its aftereffects - to assure and enrich your legacy.

Pinion advisors will incorporate a qualified appraisal of your business—critical to making strong decisions around timing it right, and to provide greater financial benefits in the long term. We alleviate risk factors related to family structures, litigations, dissolutions, shareholder disagreements, and other considerations when selling, purchasing, or transitioning a business.

Wondering where to begin?  Contact a Pinion Next Gen advisor to discuss a few starter questions - and don't worry, we can help you discover the answers.

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Transition Navigator Video

Where to begin? Don't worry, we can help you. Our advisory team can help you navigate tough business decisions, emotionally charged family discussions, and entity transitions. Learn more about Transition Navigator in this brief video.

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