We design and implement the plans for the long-term financial strength of architectural and engineering businesses.

Architects and Engineers

Our specialized CPA and business advisory experts proficiently help architects and engineers to optimize, expand, and grow their businesses.  In addition to traditional accounting services – tax compliance and financial statements – we are uniquely qualified to help overcome many of the industry challenges you face.

As a nationally-recognized ‘Top 100’ accounting firm, our ability to maximize assets, minimize tax burden, and increase cash flow are key to ensuring long-term financial success.  Pinion’s CPAs offer consultative tax and accounting services, with guidance and solutions to manage resources, maintain compliance, and reach business goals.

Our engineering advisory team is proficient in handling government and contracting and transportation procedures. We can help your business adhere to the AASHTO infrastructure, as our specialists have unique expertise in its standards, code, and practices.

We also offer innovative solutions for other areas of your business, customized to satisfy the challenges you face:

  • operational analysis and benchmarking to boost productivity
  • long-term financial strategy to expand and grow business
  • HR resources to manage employee issues, and find/retain talent in tight labor markets
  • leadership development and succession/transition planning
  • succession/transition advisory
  • services to provide onsite financial support – bookkeeping, controller, or CFO level
  • risk management assessment
  • managed accounting services
  • wealth management strategy
  • employer benefit or insurance plan guidance

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