Pinion IO: Enabling Farm Office Optimization

The solution that delivers a comprehensive data ecosystem - built to provide transformative insights for agriculture.

Create your farm office of the future

Pinion Integrated Office (IO) provides:

Pinion IO

"We use Pinion integrated office for our back office support, Robot Accounts for expense management, and payroll and HR as well —

Pinion IO is a full service solution for us." 

Tim Nuss, Nuss Farms

Learn what Pinion IO can do for your farm

Why optimize your farm office?

Farming can be a tough business with challenges all its own.  But that doesn't mean you need to suffer needlessly. As the leading Food & Ag advisory firm for over 90 years, thousands of farmers have put their trust into Pinion to solve their most pressing farm business management challenges.  Why?  Because Pinion's ag-specialized advisors understand exactly where the issues stem from, and have created customized solutions to provide help where and when you need it most.

Farm Office Challenge #1:  The economics of farming are becoming increasingly difficult.  Economic uncertainty is a reality today for farmers planning for sustainable futures and future generations.

Farm Office Challenge #2:  Finding good labor, combined with the scarcity of trained professionals in rural areas, is an issue most farmers are facing today.

Farm Office Challenge #3:  Optimizing and modernizing the farm office is more essential than ever to maintain and expand family-owned farming operations.

Pinion Integrated Office solutions can be applied to any of your farm office challenges. 

Whether you need:

  • a solution to streamline and standardize your financial system and back-office processes;
  • quick access to the ag-focused and professionally-trained labor force needed to get the job done;
  • or professional accounting, HR, or payroll professional services –

Pinion’s powerful platform and business professionals guide and secure successful futures in farming.  

Listen to the benefits Pinion IO creates -- on this episode of Modern Acre Podcast:

Scaling and Automating the Back Office with Peter Martin of Pinion and Matt Powell of Robot Accounts

Simple, Seamless, Single Point of Access

“Traditionally, if a producer wanted their on-farm and financial information connected, it was expensive and not scalable. With Pinion IO, we created a way to centralize and manage the information with a single, coherent platform that makes business life simple and seamless.”

– Matt Powell, Pinion Global Innovation Leader