Pinion IO

Bridge the divide between insight-rich farm data and management decisions

The Power of Pinion IO

Farm operations generate a river of data to support daily decisions.

That river can create a chasm between important insights and operation action. Often, farm data is not available when you need it, takes too much time to compile, or is hard to compare in a standardized way.

Pinion has built a bridge between insight-rich farm data and your daily operations with Pinion IO, a uniquely Integrated Office platform. This platform connects management with financial and operational data to make more profitable choices, more quickly.


How Pinion IO Works

Pinion IO is a fully integrated suite of cloud-based software and services that is powered by the proprietary Robot Accounts platform, an AI-powered Ag Finance platform. You can scale and customize the features you need for your farming operation today, and choose from a comprehensive set of technology applications on a cutting edge service platform.

Trust Your Data

The interoperability of Pinion IO ensures that all insight-rich data – from crop yields to vendor invoices and market financials – bridges seamlessly. As the only integrated platform supporting standardized data in production agriculture, you can better understand and trust the data coming from your business. Standardized data is at our core.


What You Get With Pinion IO

This data bridge is completely customizable and developed so you can easily view, manipulate, and combine datasets, this integrated office solution allows for simple analysis of complex financials, data, and resources. Key benefits include:

Flexibility - Pinion IO allows you to choose levels of service to fit your exact in-house capabilities and meet specific farm business, operational, and financial goals. This is not a cookie-cutter software offering!

Enhanced Profitability - Ag producers can leverage Pinion IO customizable back office solutions to enhance their profitability. An office manager can connect with a variety of farm management services, automated technologies, or adaptive data intelligence to provide the data needed to make decisions.

Scalability - The full suite of integrated office solutions are created to adapt or evolve with your business at any stage of growth.

Support - Peace of mind comes from having an outsourced back office that takes care of bookkeeping, payroll, streamlined ACH, Check and billpay solutions, real-time financial reporting and virtual document archival.

"Real-time" financial reports - Management reporting and KPIs, standardized financial entity and crop level reporting, combined financial statements and centralized management KPIs

Field-level reporting - Integration of financials with your farm management system,* inventory management solution (input & grain/produce), commodity marketing platform

pinionio dashboard

“One View” Dashboard

Pinion IO provides a dashboard setup that allows you to monitor your balance sheet, gross profit, profit centers and more. It creates a single chart of accounts, and can automate invoice management, financial reporting and create monthly and quarterly close of books.

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Simple, Seamless, Single Point of Access

Pinion IO technology effortlessly directs financial decision-making through a single point of entry dashboard. Combine on-farm datasets with accounting and financial datasets all accessed within theversatile dashboard built for farmers.

An accurate, real-time understanding of farm financial management data is at your fingertips. Eliminating disorganization and inaccuracies that can damage your bottom line, this integrated office solution allows for simple analysis of complex financials and resource data.

    “Traditionally, if a producer wanted their on-farm and financial information connected, it was expensive and not scalable. With Pinion IO, we created a way to centralize and manage the information with a single, coherent platform that makes business life simple and seamless.” – Matt Powell, Pinion Global Innovation Leader

Managed Accounting Reports Made Easy

Working with the wrong data, or only a slice of data, can create expensive problems. Scattered financials and a lack of standardization create headaches down the road related to inventory tracking and managed accounting systems.

Through Pinion IO automation, the platform collects all of your vendor information, invoices, documents and data seamlessly, and processes them using a combination of sophisticated AI tools and outsourced accountants and bookkeepers. This allows operational managers to interact with any documents and ensures all inventory, cash and accrual records are kept to the standards of the Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC).

The system captures multiple entries required for real-time, full cash and accrual financials year round, linking seamlessly to payroll, farm management data, inventory and harvest data to give you access to your management accounting data in a seamless format.

This helps you - the business operator - make more profitable decisions at the very beginning of your farm planning.

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