Robert Veldman

Robert Veldman
Lake Loveland

Loveland, CO

6125 Sky Pond Drive
Suite 200
Loveland, CO 80538


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Robert Veldman helps landowners diversify and generate revenue from energy generation such as solar, wind and extraction projects, conservation, wildlife, and wetlands. He is a national leader in development of renewable energy markets, environmental markets and habitat mitigation. Robert’s on-the-ground expertise with working lands, relationships with power industry and local, state, and federal agencies, and understanding of the compliance with the latest policies allow him to navigate in complex and emerging markets.

As a Senior Consultant, Robert Veldman has been working in the energy industry with rural communities for several decades.  He is highly-skilled in navigating the environmental and habitat mitigation markets, and he keeps a pulse on where the emerging trends in demand are going in the coming years.


M.S. Wildlife Management and Environmental Studies, Illinois State University
B.S., Biology and Environmental Studies, Calvin College

Professional Associations

Western Energy Alliance
Nevada Mining Association

Personal Interests

In his spare time, Robert enjoys hiking and anything in the rural outdoors or mountains. He's also an avid supporter of high-level girls and women's hockey development.

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