Welcome, AB Growers!

Pinion is excited to partner with Anheuser-Busch! Connect with us to discuss special pricing available to you in these areas:

  • Get expert tax consultation from specialized CPAs who understand the challenges and regulations of the Food & Ag industry.
  • Engage in a tax return assessment to mine opportunities.
  • Perform a carbon credit opportunity assessment with sustainability experts who analyze your operation’s viability.
  • Pinion financial management advisors will scope for profitability solutions you may be missing.
  • Alleviate accounting, finance, and HR needs with reliable back-office solutions tailored to your level of business needs.

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From policy to plate, Pinion has been helping to move agribusinesses forward since 1932.

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About Us

Dedicated to the Food & Agriculture industry for the past 90 years, Pinion has provided growers with business solutions, resources, and expertise.

With a national footprint touching all 50 states, Pinion provides local, hands-on advisory for growers, merchants, breweries, brewing schools and other industry partners. Our specialized team offers services ranging from tax planning and farm program services to estate planning and sustainability guidance, such as carbon contract advisory.

We help businesses at any stage – expansion, optimization, or transition - to guide and implement the change growers want to see.