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Farm Management Software

Pinion helps farmers to analyze the data from every facet of their operation, enabling them to make decisions big and small. In today’s marketplace, gathering accurate data is key for making rewarding business decisions. It allows us to provide accurate year-to-year comparisons, holistic operational views, cost tracking, what-if scenarios for planting outcomes, etc.

To proficiently capture this data, we have partnered with Agworld, a worldwide farm management technology provider, to seamlessly connect the people and systems that make your farm work.

People + Technology = Smart Agriculture

Agworld's sophisticated agriculture technology program links on-farm operations with agronomists, financial advisors, ag retailers, lenders, custom applicators, and other key farming partners and stakeholders. It also collects data from equipment sensors, field and satellite imagery, and other emerging data gatherers.

Technology is about more than ‘better and faster’ – it addresses ag issues such as food demand, maximized yield and minimized wastage, it can enhance productivity, and also aid with sustainability reporting and transparency.

Pinion's advisors help unlock the value from your data. By capturing and managing the data through Agworld’s robust program, our advisors can help agribusinesses make sound financial and operational decisions. It becomes easier to set your plan, understand your breakeven, and manage your budgets.


Agworld Metrics Reset Farming Potentials

Agworld is built by farmers for farmers, and is the world’s leading independent farm ERP. You control your data and who you share it with. Geospatial, or precision, data gets a lot of attention at the moment, but is only a small part of the bigger picture. Agworld includes the precision tools you need, but focuses on performance and not just pretty pictures that hold no value.

Agworld’s modern platform helps agribusinesses worldwide to:

  • Organize workflow
  • Give easy access to data
  • Access product information anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Check farm performance at a glance
  • Provide powerful reporting tools at your fingertips

Learn more today to see how Agworld can enable you and your operations to become more efficient

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