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PRO Advisory for 2020 on What Matters Most

When major disruption – economic, geopolitical, pandemic, or environmental – affects your business, it becomes paramount to adapt and reset for both long-term success and survival.  Through a culmination of expertise, K·Coe advisors have created on-demand content to help businesses and communities enable Progress, build Resilience, and find Opportunities.

Below you’ll find comprehensive topics, delivered by K·Coe’s professional advisors, to help with what matters most for the health of your business: employees, families, financials, and legacies.

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Financial Resources

Moving Forward with Merger and Acquisition Trends

Clinton Baker, Michelle Ellis, and Marc Johnson

Managing Financial Health in Uncertain Times

Kala Jenkins, Peter Martin, and Scott Brin

True Stories on the Impacts of Estate Planning

Kevin Bearley, Jim Rein, and Doug Mitchell

Importance of Estate Planning in Today’s Economy

Kevin Bearley

Automation is Here to Stay: Making it Work for You

Matthew Powell

Building a Sustainable Organization

Lisa Becker & Zach Pinto

Employer Resources

Managing Crisis Communications during Disruption

Debra Helwig

Maintaining Mental Health

Vikki Nicometo

Rewarding Employees with Creative Compensation & Benefits

Beth Swanson

Leveraging Virtual Recruiting & Remote Hiring Strategies

Rachel Biggs

Building Resilience: The Top 4 Strategies

Shaunna Jones

Effective Family Business: Tips to Improve Family Business Strategy and Outcomes

Lance Woodbury

Ag Resources

Farm Program Eligibility During Tough Times

Matthew Farrell & Heather Withington

Land Value Trends with AcreTrader

Ben Maddox

State of the Ag Industry & Moving It Forward

Laura Sands, Chris Haverkamp, & Bryce Gibbs

How to Stop Missing Marketing Opportunities

Chris Haverkamp & Eric Osterhaus

Building a Sustainable Organization

Lisa Becker & Zach Pinto

Finding Success in Unity: The Power of Peer Groups during Disruption

Davon Cook