KCoe Isom Deepens Food & Ag Advisory with Expanded Offerings and New Global Footprint

Formation of Pinion U.S. and Pinion Advisory Leverages Ag Advisory Resources, Innovations, and Solutions for Food & Ag Operations on Global Scale

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July 1, 2020 – K·Coe Isom, the nation’s leading accounting and consulting firm for food and ag businesses, announced today the founding of an agriculture-focused advisory team,  Pinion Advisory, to serve agriculture businesses throughout the U.S. and Australia’s global footprint.

The Pinion advisory model, Pinion FIRST, will focus on five critical business areas for the U.S. Food & Agriculture industry: finance, implementation, resources, sales, and technology.   Pinion Advisory is the result of a strategic and powerful combination of the Australia-based organizations Rural Directions, Sunraysia Environmental, and Macquarie Franklin; three well-established, advisory firms dedicated to providing efficiencies that drive agribusinesses forward.   Through these enhanced advisory resources and an expanded global scale, K·Coe Isom and Pinion are positioned to deliver high-quality products and services while leveraging strengths and expertise across multifaceted agribusiness innovations and solutions.

“This global partnership creates an ability for each business to serve the Food & Ag industry’s needs, and will expands their capabilities across complimentary markets,” says Jeff Wald, CEO for K·Coe Isom and Pinion.  “By aligning companies with similar clients, cultures, and challenges, we’ve essentially created a ‘think tank’ of universal and pragmatic perspectives for overcoming challenges that our agriculture clients face.”

Wald addresses what this means for U.S. and Australian ag operations going forward, adding: “This is a deliberate and proactive move to accelerate our mission ‘to make a difference in the world we live in’ by adding robust resources to improve and secure the future of agriculture operations and production.

“Expanding into Australia will not only accelerate our mission, but will improve upon it for two key reasons,” Wald says. “Australian agriculture has faced some of the most severe environmental challenges in the world, and its proven resilience against all odds has resulted in the emergence of new ideas and game-changing innovations.  Secondly, after forming a partnership with Australian-based farm software management company Agworld, we began having meaningful conversations with three Australian advisory firms who shared our passion for food and agricultural production.  Through these relationships we identified this transformative move that can provide sustained success and long-term value for the benefit of our combined talent and clients across the world.”

Pinion Advisory CEO, David Heinjus said, “I am excited about the new innovations and information flows that are going to evolve from the partnership with KCoe in the USA”. The Australian merger of Rural Directions, Macquarie Franklin and Sunraysia Environmental bolts three very successful businesses to create Pinion Advisory. Our purpose is to provide greater opportunity for clients, so they grow and prosper in the future. As part of a global business, we will attract and develop the best talent in Australia. We plan to position Pinion Advisory, so it continues to deliver fundamental and valued farm business management, water and environmental advisory services. The outcome is client business that is resilient, profitable, healthy and environmentally sustainable. There are some innovations in the pipe line that will enhance the value already provided by each business. “For example, we now have specialist grain marketing teams in South Australia and Kansas. This is already resulting in better flows of information and provides Australian farmers with insights into what is going on in a part of the world that significantly influences global grain prices”

Jeff Wald continues as CEO of K·Coe Isom and assumes the role of global CEO for the Pinion brand, while continuing to explore opportunities in new countries, similar organizations, and expanded partnerships.  David Heinjus, previously Managing Director of Rural Directions, assumes the role of CEO for Pinion Advisory in Australia, a unifying partnership between Rural Directions, Macquarie Franklin and Sunraysia Environmental.

About K·Coe Isom

K·Coe Isom is a Top 100 accounting firm and the nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting firm.  With roots dating back to 1932, the firm has expanded upon traditional accounting services to deliver increased value and growth for clients through comprehensive policy-to-plate strategies, and specialized advisory in the areas of sustainability, federal affairs, land conservation, wealth management, succession planning, and talent strategy – to name a few.  K·Coe Isom provides insight and solutions for the food and ag, biofuels, manufacturing, construction, and banking industries.  The firm serves domestic and international clientele from locations spanning the United States.  For more information, visit www.kcoe.com.

Pinion Advisory

Three Australian-based companies comprise the newly founded Pinion Advisory in Australia.  Working together, and in conjunction with U.S.-based Pinion FIRST, Rural Directions, Sunraysia Environmental, and Macquarie Franklin are partnering to share capabilities, provide unique solutions, and develop forward-thinking strategies to make a difference for operations in Australia’s agriculture industry.



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