KCoe Isom is becoming Pinion!

KCoe Isom has been a leader supporting food, agriculture, and community businesses for 90 years, and now it’s writing a new chapter.

Beginning in August, we will continue to serve as a specialized consulting firm, under a new name: Pinion. Read on to find out more about KCoe Isom changing to Pinion!

Is it the same company?

Yes, we embrace our rich 90-year history and connections formed between our people and their communities – and recognize it’s what has set us apart and remains our key differentiator and your biggest advantage.

Path to Pinion

So what’s changing?

We’re launching a fresh look and new name. We’re also looking toward the future: Through the name Pinion, we will strengthen our commitment to our mission to immerse ourselves in making a difference in the lives we touch and the world we live in.

Path to Pinion

Why the name Pinion?

Under Pinion, we serve as a specialized consulting firm with an unprecedented level of resources, innovations, and solutions on a global scale.

All working together, like a pinion gear system, to deliver powerful strategies that drive businesses forward across our global footprint.

A pinion is a round gear—usually the smaller of two meshed gears—used in a rack and pinion system. The rack and pinion system transforms spinning motion into straight, direct motion.

In its simplest definition, a pinion is the part of a machine that is required to make the machine focus in a specific direction. It helps drive things forward.

“We view our clients business as a large operating machine, and we are the pinion that helps them drive forward and steer them in the right direction so they can achieve success.”

Pinion Brand Icon Logo

What happens until August 2022?

Everything will be the same, and the transition will be automatic. Your client-advisory experience will remain driven and proactive around your unique needs.


New name. New logo. Same mission.