TEPAP | 2024 Scholarship

The Danny Klinefelter TEPAP Scholarship: Powered by Pinion

Danny Klinefelter was a recognized educator and pioneer in the ‘business’ of agriculture.  As the founder of TEPAP (The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers) in 1991, his vision and beliefs have supported thousands of farmers with intensive business management classes.  Klinefelter was an anchor in the TEPAP curriculum – providing an executive level education for farmers to apply best practices to their businesses.  Through the generosity and support of Food & Agriculture business advisory firm, Pinion, the Danny Klinefelter TEPAP Scholarship will enable an outstanding leader in the field to attend TEPAP in 2024.

For each of the two TEPAP Units, Pinion awards an inspired applicant full tuition to the TEPAP Program Unit they are attending. Submissions, including reference letter from your lender, are due by October 31. 


"Success requires continuous management improvement at a rate set by the leading edge of your competition
and not by your current comfort zone."

- Danny Klinefelter

How to Enroll:

TEPAP is organized into two concurrent, one-week sessions.
First time participants will need to enroll in Unit I. Those
who have completed Unit I are eligible to enroll in Unit II. If
you have completed both Unit I and Unit II, you are invited
to enroll in the TEPAP Alumni category. The program fee for
Unit I, Unit II, or Alumni is $7,000.

Complete the TEPAP application at https://tepap.tamu.edu/.

And, complete the Pinion TEPAP Scholarship Application below...

Important Dates:

Applications Open: July 1, 2023

Pinion TEPAP Submissions / Reference Letters: October 31, 2023

Check In: January 7, 2024