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Resources to help businesses navigate through the impacts of COVID-19

With information on the COVID-19 pandemic changing so frequently, it can be difficult to keep up.  Distributing critical pandemic information to every employee is a challenge for organizations large and small, and even more challenging to track!

Cultivate by K·Coe Isom is here to help.

This COVID-19 HR Toolkit includes resources to help your organization train, test and track your employees on information relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our system offers a secure platform for distributing COVID-19 information throughout your organization and testing employees’ knowledge of best practices, expectations and requirements.  Multiple employees can view information and provide written acknowledgements virtually and at the same time on any device.  Employers can run a report at any time to find out who has completed the training or read the information.

At K·Coe Isom we are dedicated to helping you create a safer, healthier workplace.

The K·Coe Isom COVID-19 HR Toolkit includes:

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