Year-End Preparation

Concerned about inflation and its impact on profitability?

As harvest begins and year-end planning quickly approaches, pressure tends to rise. Pinion, formerly KCoe Isom, is equipped with the resources and expertise to protect your profitability, maximize your investments, and drive your business into the new year on solid footing.

Ease your decisions and elevate results:

  • Tap higher-level accounting expertise
  • Minimize tax burden with seasoned tax strategy and planning expertise
  • Strengthen your overall financial position
  • Enhance cash flow, budgeting, and borrowing
  • Determine what crops will be most profitable to plant
  • Increase equipment efficiency and capital expenditures ROI
  • Find out how much debt your operation can handle
  • Evaluate farm-operation options, maximize capital investments, and uncover threats to profitability

Speak to a 2022 Year End Planning Expert

2022 Year End Planning

Now is the time to talk to a advisor and line up your year-end planning strategy so you can close the year, and your books, with peace-of-mind.

How to Increase Your Profitability This Harvest Season

How to Increase Your Profitability This Harvest Season
Reading Time: 3 minutes Many early harvesters are seeing lower-than expected yields as they bring their crops in this fall. In a year that is expected to produce high yields and high profitability, many are concerned for their bottom-line. “This can be discouraging for farmers to see so early into the season,” says Thomas …

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Ag-focused solutions and resources

Pinion provides nationalized scope and resources, with a personalized level of attention. We deliver expert insight and solutions that are unique to your challenges – as your business grows and changes.

  • Farm Program Services - Policy experts evaluate Farm Service Agency programs for the benefit of your bottom line
  • Land Advisory – Advisors ensure the protection and profitability of your land assets
  • Sustainability Strategy – Specialized advisors help implement sustainability plans to create long-lasting, meaningful business value
  • Ag Marketing – Market advisory services to manage risk and cash flow on a daily basis
  • Peer Groups for Producers – Professionally facilitated groups where producers find new methods and solutions and confidentially discuss high-level problems and concerns
  • Family Business Consulting – Expert consultants will guide current and future family business owners through the development of their relational, ownership and business management systems
  • Next Gen - Succession and Legacy Planning – Our experts can help to develop your next gen plan, navigate the transition, and protect the asset base you’ve worked so hard to build
  • Tax & Accounting – We assess the financial health of your business on a regular basis, analyze its structure, and provide strategic advisory to increase profitability

Profitability Tool

With the amount of factors limiting a farm’s productivity today, it’s important to take notice of any areas for improvement.


Get the latest information on legislation, tax reform, business guidance and on farm optimization strategies from your Pinion Ag Experts.