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Pinion’s Government and Public Affairs team acts as champions for the overall good of the food and agriculture industry. Our team serves as your eyes and ears, constantly monitoring what is happening in Washington D.C. and state capitals around the United States. We serve as your voice in supporting policy that matters most to you. We are the boots on the ground to help policymakers to make informed decisions that provide advantages to you, and do not become obstacles to your success.

In a rapidly changing world full of uncertainty, we help you manage state and federal policy risks. Our government and public affairs team can be your eyes and ears alerting you to critical issues and helping to shape government policies to provide you and your business with a competitive advantage.

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How our Team Effectively Advocates

With offices on Capitol Hill, Pinion’s Government and Public Affairs works closely with members of congress, federal officials, and state policy makers to shape policies to benefit you and your business. Our director of government and public affairs served as chief of staff and legislative director to a senior U.S. Senator and has over two decades of experience working with issues on Capitol Hill.

Involved in the issues, we monitor legislation and proposed regulations daily and consider the long-term impacts to our clients. Our team analyzes proposed policy changes and conducts detailed modeling to explain how policy changes will impact business. Given Pinion’s depth of knowledge in key industries, policy makers have come to trust and rely on our expertise to deliver informed recommendations that they can rely on to shape policy.

When we see a red flag, we work to build coalitions to change policy. We do this by tapping into our extensive network — such as large corporations, utility, technical researchers and scientists, health and environmental non-governmental organizations, and legislators — to align toward a common goal and address challenges. Our government and public affairs team has built and managed some of the leading nationwide campaigns to shape policy on issues important to you.

We have successfully worked to influence legislative and policy issues, such as international trade policy, federal and state tax reform, water infrastructure legislation, sustainability, and agriculture and conservation funding.


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