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Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing

Experienced, specialized HR consultants help organizations attract, retain, develop, grow, and nurture the crucial human elements that keep your organizational wheels turning.

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Organizations Goals

Organization's Goals

Simply put, goal setting sets the course for a company

Pinion's HR Consultants facilitate strategic planning and goal-setting sessions to help identify, formulate, strategize, improve, develop, set, align, deploy, and measure ways to reach business goals and support your vision, mission, values, and strategy.

Talent Scan

Talent Scan

The strength of a team stems from the talent you grow

Our specialized human resource (HR) consultants can provide proven experience, knowledge, insight, and robust tools to overcome talent management and recruitment challenges. The result: optimum business performance, and longevity.

Integration And Recruitment

Integration & Recruitment

Connecting qualified, competent people with the right culture and opportunity is essential

Pinion's HR Consultants provide the resources needed to perform strategic candidate searches and matching, relationship management, employment branding, cultural alignment, and onboarding.

HR Administration

HR Administration

We can help you navigate the most complex compliance issues and other challenging HR tasks

Whether you are in need of industry compliance expertise and consulting, or a comprehensive HR outsourcing program, Pinion consultants can manage the human resource elements of your organization to enhance the overall employment experience.

Talent Development

Talent Development

“Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.” -Tom Peters

We intermingle talent strategy with your business strategy to drive the potential, performance and readiness of your talent pool. Pinion HR Consultants provide success skills training, leadership training, on-the-job training solutions, professional coaching, career roadmapping, leadership/succession development, learning modules, and educational web courses.

Build culture and performance with Franklin Covey’s All Access Pass exclusive tools and live training workshops

  • Customized training programs for talent development
  • Cultural workforce challenge solutions (language coaching, etc.)
  • Employee engagement and motivation assistance
Talent Growth & Retention
  • Professional coaching for business leadership, succession/retirement, performance
  • Career roadmapping tools
  • Leadership summits and group training sessions
Performance Management

Performance Management

Accountability. Why your business can't live without it.

Through a customized approach, we can develop, implement, and drive the ongoing process of communication between managers and employees to establish goals and strategies. From evaluations and feedback training to compensation guidelines and reward systems, we can help you master performance management.

Strategic Retention

Strategic Retention

Creating a clear path of employee advancement for strategic retention.

Pinion's expertise in transition planning for your business stems from decades of assisting clients with generational and family transitions, as well as outside transitions. We help to identify successors and develop the next level of talent to keep legacies intact and growing.

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