In today’s challenging ag environment, knowledge is power.

Leveraging AgKnowledge to Thrive

Ranch and Farm Financial Advisory

Making sound decisions on your farm or ranch is essential to healthy operations, and we can maximize those by leveraging our ag-focused resources and farm management expertise.

If you need a proactive partner to evaluate and manage your financial and farm-operation options, maximize performance, or uncover threats to profitability, Pinion has the resources and expertise – we call it ‘AgKnowledge’ – that produce results.

At Pinion, our AgKnowledge team understands what it takes to fill your boots every day to manage your farm or ranch operations and help your business thrive. We alleviate workloads by helping with agricultural finance, credit management, crop insurance, economics, equipment trades, farm management, land sales, and risk management.

Pinion consultants can turn your numbers into strategic business power for trustworthy insights, effective decisions, and productive results. We help producers thrive with:

AgKnowledge Resources

  • Track performance with dashboards
  • Make decisions using Ag-industry benchmarking
  • Evaluate farm-operation options, maximize capital investments, and uncover threats to profitability using analytics
  • Improve workflow and increase production efficiency using specialized tools

AgKnowledge Expertise

  • Negotiate rental arrangements, secure a tract of land, make successful bids
  • Obtain competitive loan rates
  • Provide customized financial advice
  • Take farm management and operations to the next level
  • Automate bookkeeping and accounting practices

Engrained in the ag industry, our objective is to help farms and ranches not only survive, but thrive. Contact us for an onsite assessment.

An Investment that Pays for Itself

  • Tap higher-level accounting expertise
  • Strengthen your overall financial position
  • Enhance cash flow, budgeting, and borrowing
  • Increase equipment efficiency and capital expenditures ROI
  • Determine what crops will be most profitable to plant
  • Find out how much debt your operation can handle

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Thomas Eatherly

Thomas Eatherly


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Working capital is one of the most common areas where agribusinesses are struggling – leaving themselves open to undue risk and/or missed opportunities.

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