Do You Know the Cyber Mantra?

How ‘Stop, Think and Connect’ is Protecting Businesses in 2020

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Do you remember the old “Stop, Drop & Roll” mantra?  This has been engrained into every Kindergartner since the 1970’s.  It’s very effective at helping children to practice what to do, and to understand the dangers of fire. The FBI’s Cyber Division provides a similar mantra to protect personal and business connections and reduce cyber attack risk, in an attempt to help reduce your cyberattack risk:

Stop.  Think.  Connect.

With over 10 billion records estimated to have been leaked in 2019, businesses small and large are wondering if they can contain data breaches in 2020.  News headlines across the globe show no signs of slowing — from ransomware, phishing or endpoint attacks, there’s always something on the horizon waiting for its turn in the spotlight.

According to the FBI, to stop these threats at the source, everyone has to play a role.  All users, businesses of all sizes, and all communities need to:

  • “STOP” and assess your cyber vulnerabilities and implement systems and training,
  • “THINK” about potential risks and identify threats, and
  • “CONNECT” after strict policy guidance around what are secure and verified sources.

To help protect your business, reputation, customers and employees, KCoe ISG has created a brief video on “3 Cyber Areas to Secure Your Business.”

K·Coe ISG is an affiliate of K·Coe Isom that provides technology advisory and risk assessment for businesses.  Our advisors can evaluate the efficiency of your system, and recommend and implement best practices and controls for prevention. In addition, we can provide the level of education and guidance that your organization needs. 

Contact a K·Coe ISG advisor to learn more about protecting your business and how to reduce your cyber attack risk.

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