K·Coe Isom Employee’s Bull Fetches Record-breaking Sale and Top Spot at Auction

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Reading Time: 2 minutesRemember the ol’ saying, ‘It takes one to know one’?  Well, it’s true, and many of K·Coe Isom’s employees are living proof as they typically don’t just work on the business, they roll up their sleeves and work in the business.  Such is the case for Carol Medeiros, principal at K·Coe Isom by day, wife and cattle producer at her California ranch on nights and weekends. Carol, and her husband David who runs the operations at Rancho Casino Angus in Denair, California, recently held their 26th annual bull auction.  Each year they sell approximately 130 Registered Angus bulls with their bull sale partner Dal Porto Livestock, with this year’s average price expectancy for good, quality bulls on the open market ranging between $4,500 and $6,000 each.  But the credentials and potential for one bull in particular went beyond all expectations.

Rancho Casino’s Pedigree Bull Sets New Auction Record

The Medeiros’s started their family ranching operation 40 years ago with the intent to breed first-class Angus cattle with continuous improvement by providing superior genetics and supporting the Certified Angus Beef brand.  On September 21, 2017, they overachieved.  Their Lot #1 bull named Casino Bomber N33, weighing in at 1,850 pounds (at sale), sold for an astounding $190,000.  This was the record-breaking sale for the Rancho Casino Angus auction, and a true testament to the ranch’s ability to turn out a top of breed Angus bull with excellent traits. Carol Medeiros said they expected that he would sell well based on his outstanding phenotype, expected progeny differences (EPDs), genomic data, and pedigree, but was delighted by the outcome.  “After being in business for 40 years and doing our best to breed genetically superior animals, this bull represents years of dedication and hard work,” says Medeiros.  “Many breeders have worked hard during their lifetime for an honor such as this, and we feel extremely fortunate and blessed that so many nationwide breeders bid on our bull on auction day.” This sale has catapulted Rancho Casino’s operation into the national spotlight for its ability to produce a bull of superior performance, excellent genomic (DNA) data, and expected progeny difference data.  The data on this bull will be used to predict future performance of his offspring. Click here to view the auction sale that propagated interest from buyers all over the country.

The K·Coe Isom Connection

While Carol and David adore working on their ranch – spending time outside with the cattle, being self-employed, and forming true bonds with their customers – Carol is also a certified public accountant and handles the accounting and tax work of Rancho Casino Angus Ranch.  She, and her daughter Danielle, work full time at K·Coe Isom lending their hands-on financial Ag experience and insight to other businesses.  Specifically, Carol focuses on estate planning and business succession planning, assisting farm-based and related businesses with transitioning their most cherished assets.

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